What is


Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Ammonium lauryl sulfate

Sulfates are detergents and surfactants that produce foam, and can clean the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away.


Sulfates are produced chemically from palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

Consumer concerns and what we know

Sulfates are presumed to cause skin irritation, dryness and cancer, however, they are not included in any list of carcinogenic materials from authorities such as WHO, IARC, and the EU. There is also no clear scientific evidence about the carcinogenicity of these ingredients.
While certain studies have shown a mild level of skin irritation, safety has been verified when used in rinse-off products.

Our stance

Sulfates - Our stance

We use sulfates mainly for rinse-off products, which guarantees minimal exposure and does not cause scalp or skin irritation. When used to ensure the quality and effectiveness of certain ingredients, we use them in very low concentrations.