What is


A synthetic compound used in sunscreens to protect the skin against the damaging effects of UV radiation.


It is a chemically synthesized ingredient.

Consumer concerns and what we know

WHO defines octinoxate as not an endocrine disruptor that affects development and immune functions.
On the other hand, octinoxate is suspected to be a potential endocrine disruptor in Europe, and the European Commission is conducting further safety investigations to decide its status as a permitted cosmetics ingredient.
In addition, researchers are discussing the effects on corals in the ocean. As of 2021, the state of Hawaii, Palau and Thai National Park ban the use of sunscreens including octinoxate for leisure purpose.

Our stance

Octinoxate - Our stance

We use octinoxate following our internal safety criteria and in line with cosmetic regulations in each country.
We are assessing the impact on coral by combining joint research with University lab who are working on research related to reef-building corals and coral reef organisms, with advanced simulation on ocean concentration. We are also developing formulas for minimizing effect on corals when octinoxate is used in the sunscreen for marine use.
We pay close attention to regulatory and research on environmental impact in each country and take agile action.