What is


A naturally occurring mineral ingredient used to provide a sparkling appearance in makeup products.


Mica is a group of silicate minerals that are present in different types of rocks used by humans since prehistoric times.
It also can be chemically synthesized.

Consumer concerns and what we know

In India, mica mainly originates from socially and economically challenged regions where there is a risk of child labor, unsafe working conditions, and where the supply chain involves multiple players – making it difficult to thoroughly assess.
The Responsible Mica Initiative is a non-governmental organization created in January 2017 to build a sustainable mica supply chain in India by promoting responsible sourcing practices and eradicating child labor and unacceptable working condition.
As mica comes from the earth, it may contain trace amounts of heavy metals.

Our stance

Mica - Our stance

We joined the Responsible Mica Initiative and have been taking action on improving sustainable procurement.
We can verify that heavy metal content is within safe and regulatory limits, and we also use synthetic mica, which contains less heavy metals and has less social concerns.